The Writing Process

The Writing Process According to author Bob Boog.

“My writing process. Hmm, how can I best describe it? Well, let me explain how I will write songs, because people usually ask me about this. First, I don’t consider myself to be a great singer. In fact,  my wife claims that when I sing I sound like a drunken Bob Dylan insisting that he’s okay to drive! Ha ha. Yet,I have written some songs that have gotten a wonderful and amazing response from listeners. A few songs have even been played on the radio to thousands of people! So how does it work because I do NOT sing on ANY of my songs? Weird, huh?

Here is how the writing process works for me: I will sit in a quiet room for about 15 minutes, and try to write something every day. Often I will bring a newspaper with me. Sometimes what comes to mind is a few words. The feelings for example, from a real-life story. Other times words jump out. I scribble them down and it turns into something like modern poetry or perhaps it seems more like a song. Sometimes humorous words and phrases find my thoughts. I write them down and sometimes I come back to refine them. Sometimes I don’t. What’s funny is I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and about a year ago, I read that John Lennon liked to do the same thing.

Now, if the words seem more like a song, I will then sing the melody into a voice recorder and send it to a friend who plays piano. He will then create a piano track from my vocals. If I like it, I will take the next step and find a singer who will sing the lyrics. The result can be heard in the links below. The songs range from hip-hop to country. And the first song I ever wrote is called “The Well Dressed Man” which is a semi-religious country song.”

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