The Writing Process

The Song Writing Process According to author Bob Boog.

“People have asked me, “How do you find the time to write?” or “How do you write a song if you can’t sing or play an instrument?”

To many people it seems impossible or like it’s some kind of miracle. Maybe it is, but words have always fascinated me.

Not to brag, but my wife claims when I sing I sound like a drunk Bob Dylan still insisting that he’s okay to drive!

my dog Winston

But I have gotten a lot of wonderful and amazing responses from listeners. A song about losing a dog was played on the radio in Australia to thousands of people!


Another song I wrote made it on a top FM radio station in Los Angeles.


So how does it work because I do NOT sing on ANY of my songs? Answer: I pay people to sing, or they’ll sing for free. You do have to provide a piano or guitar track.

(Do a Google search for singers/musicians in your area. There are lots of great singers on Craigslist out there!)

Here is the three step process I use to write a song.

STEP 1. Carve out some time. Wake up earlier than normal. Or go to bed later than usual. Just find 20 minutes to write every day.

STEP 2. Find a quiet place preferably one with a table and bring a pen and notebook with you.

STEP 3: Use a timer. Here is a picture of the actual timer I use. (You might use an iPhone, but the idea is this: what if a serial killer put a gun to your head and said “You have 15 minutes to write a song or I pull the trigger.” What would you do? You would write a song. What would you NOT do? You would NOT procrastinate, would you? No.

songs by Robert Boog

Often I will bring a newspaper with me. Sometimes what comes to mind is only a few words. Or maybe I will jot the feelings from a real-life story. Other times words jump out so I scribble them down and it may turn into something like modern poetry. Sometimes it seems more like a song. Occasionally humorous thoughts, words, ideas and phrases fill my thoughts so I write them down and sometimes I come back to refine them. Sometimes I don’t. What’s funny is I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and about a year ago, I read that John Lennon liked to do the same thing. Obviously his songs are waaay better than mine!

Step 4: Making a melody. After writing the words into a song I will then sing the melody into a voice recorder and send it to a friend who plays piano. He will then create a piano track from my vocals. If I like it the piano tune, I will take the next step and find a singer who sings the lyrics.

Why do I do this? I have no idea. It’s fun to create things.

The songs below range from hip-hop to country. One of the first songs I ever wrote is called “The Well Dressed Man” which is a semi-religious country song.”

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(Because sometimes trying to write a song turns into something else!)

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