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Review of Bob Boog’s NEW Book: “Is she The One”

My first thought when reading Is She The One was that I enjoyed the writing style. It was well-written, descriptive, but not heavy love story, and immediately entertaining. I took an instant liking to the main characters and was hooked on seeing where the story was going to go. I liked the narrator and his take on romance, especially his 4 rules for dating. When the romance started in this book, it was really well written! I’m a rom-com fanatic, and the love story from the male point of view is one of my favorites. There were definitely some swoon-worthy parts to this novel that all rom- com fans will love! This book was entertaining and a joy to read. I really liked it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good love story!  You can order the book here.

Review #2: Is She The One by Bob Boog

A love story with some hilarious scenes and some emotional moments. Not a classic page-turner in a mystery story kind of way, but you will find yourself getting sucked up into Bob’s romantic love story, and want him to succeed.  It holds your attention from the beginning and you will slowly but surely follow him with big tears in your eyes to the end.

Review #3: Is She The One by Bob Boog

Sweet story. Not sure if I laughed more or cried. Sweet writing too and I am picky. Love a good love story. Good job.


KIRKUS REVIEWS  “Not laugh-out-loud funny but an amusing look at a romance between a clueless guy and the beautiful, strong woman who loves him.” —Kirkus Reviews


Review #4: Is She The One by Bob Boog

From the moment you start reading “Is she the one” you know you have something very special before you. While the book is obviously a love story, there are parts in this book that had me laughing on the floor. Gotta love some comedy in your romance story. I was rooting for the main character (Bob) throughout the story who fell hard for a beautiful woman (Sofie) with a “sexy Spanish voice.” This is Bob’s love story, and while his exact circumstances are divinely unique to him, and may be semi-autobiographical, there are themes that I believe we all can relate to. I found myself at several points nodding my head in agreement, yes, I’ve been there, I’ve felt that which is what kept me reading. His journey is something we can all learn and grow from and make you believe in wonders It’s a very funny yet touching love story that will leave you with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.  -JaKayla

Five stars out of Five

Fifteen Minute Manifestations

Review #5: Is She The One by Bob Boog

When a friend from America encouraged me to read this book, I wanted to decline. “Is She The One” is a fictional love story written by a man who lives in Los Angeles and works as a real estate broker, I honestly didn’t think it would be very good. But the witty dialogue in the first few pages grabbed my attention and then the funny love story wouldn’t let me go until the last page. That being said, there were a few grammatical errors in the version I received so I would give “Is She The One” four stars out of five. Change those tiny errors and it’s a five out of five. Hands down. – Rebecca


Review #6: Is She The One by Bob Boog

Read Stephanie’s review at

Review #7: Is She The One by Bob Boog

I am trained to look through the flaws when reading a love story so I could see what a great book this will be once polished well. It has a great quality even with the small bit of flaws (mostly editing help that I could see). You don’t read many books written this way. Is She The One is a love story where the semi-autographical character Bob knows what he needs to do to get the girl. But will he do it? Usually characters either figure it out themselves or the girl tells them off and they understand what they have to do to figure it out, etc. This, however, was a nice twist. It’s very funny and yet touching. I kept rooting for him and the part with the dog actually made me cry a little. (So keep a tissue handy!) Finally, I would definitely recommend this love story to my single friends. — Keira

best selling book "is she the one"

Review #8: Is She The One by Bob Boog

Too good to be true!

I like the how Bob Boog, the narrator who is also the main character finds love with a girl from Guatemala. It makes him improve so much. His love life which seemed to be upside down was brought back on track. Finding true love is a beautiful thing. But is she really the one?

Joel is the one making the whole book to be comic. His behavior and utterances are just too funny. He makes the love story to be very relevant. He represents the whole lot of middle aged guys who appear to be confused about the lives yet they pretend to be doing quite fine.

I had a chance to check some other works by the narrator/author and it was really awesome.

Review #9: Is She The One by Bob Boog

I just want to applaud the Author for writing such a wonderful realistic and romantic love story. I honestly totally enjoyed reading it from the beginning to the end and there was not even a single boring moment.
I am an avid romance genre reader and most love stories I have read usually have unrealistic cliché endings usually rushed and fairytale like. And so it was very refreshing to find realness in this love story as it related to the kind of romance which happens in real life causing me to be totally hooked to the story. The Author also tackled important real life experiences that people experience from interracial relationships, peer pressure to dating.
The writing style was just amazing and made me wish I could also write like that and bring a love story to life in such a captivating way. The plot was full of humor causing me lots of laughing moments too. All the characters were portrayed very well with their own distinct qualities.
The quote at the end was also sweet contributing more to the uniqueness of the story.
So thank you so much for this wonderful chance to read this amazing story, I totally enjoyed it.

Review #10: Is She The One by Bob Boog

You will probably not post this review because it’s not like the others. So here is a NEGATIVE REVIEW.

Please note, I am 26 and LOVED this book so when my granny asked to borrow it, I gave it to her. It’s a quick read and funny but she is 72 and did NOT like it. AT ALL! She wrote me an email with a list of things that I thought I should respond and pass on to Mr. Boog, My notes to her are in parenthesis.

  1. A good romance should introduce the love interest by page 4 – not by Chapter 4.” (Note to granny: this is a LOVE STORY – not a romantic fiction novel!!)
  2. The male characters in a romance should talk in flowery language like poets. The way these boys talk about having sex with anonymous girls while driving is disgusting and probably doesn’t even happen in real life. (Note to granny: I have hung around guys and this is EXACTLY how most guys talk today!)
  3. The character Joel is disgusting. He is terrible. I can’t understand why Bob is friends with him. (Note to granny: Like it or not, a lot of good guys have disgusting or weird friends!)
  4. I didn’t like when Bob brought the dog home. Roxanne told him she didn’t want a dog so he should respect her wishes. I cannot believe for the life of me why she would put up with that kind of disrespect.(Note to granny: Bob saved the dog from getting killed. I loved him for doing that – even though he knew it would upset his girl.)
  5. The “Marv Griffing” character has GOT to be Merv Griffen who I adored. I cannot believe the real Merv would ever use foul language. (Note to granny: It’s not that big of a deal. After all, Hollywood celebs are humans too.)
  6. I just cannot see Merv Griffen running to stop his hired help from leaving. I didn’t find that part funny at all. (Note to granny: they were all packed into a VW. I thought the part when Roxanne rolled up the window in Merv’s face was hysterical. She doesn’t take shit from anybody. Good for her!)
  7. I didn’t find the book to be funny. It is supposed to be a partly true romance but the characters just seemed vulgar. (Note to granny: It is a romantic comedy. Comedy is a subjective thing. Maybe what you think is funny, I won’t. Most young people, I think, will find this book to be funny.)
  8. I don’t understand how people on Amazon can give this book a 5 star review. I would give it one star – at best! (Note to granny: it’s extremely rare to find a love story written from the guy’s point of view. Usually they are written from the girl’s side. So to find something witty and well-written like this book, well, they probably appreciate it more than you do!)
  9. I would definitely NOT buy his next book. (Note to granny: I am actually looking forward to reading the next one!)
  10.  I didn’t notice any mistakes in punctuation and spelling though which is good. So many books nowadays have punctuation errors. (Note to granny: YAY! Finally something positive!)

Review #11: Is She The One by Bob Boog

Saw something on Twitter for a free download and got the book and read it. In fact, he doesn’t know who this is because I made up a fake email address, but I have personally met the guy and know him. If there was an award for “Real estate agent I would most like to have a beer with,” he would win it.

My observations on “Is She The One”: it’s a quick read. Fun. A good bring-to-the-beach book. It’s a book like “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” except this is above-average love story that seems very marketable. It could be sold at WalMart. Did I enjoy the humor? Yes. Did I enjoy the love story? Yes. Could I see the ending coming a mile away? Yes. But I think if you read this book like I did without any expectations, you will probably enjoy it.