Review of Bob Boog’s NEW Book: “Is she The One”

From the moment you start reading “Is she the one” you know you have something very special before you. While the book is obviously a romance story, there are parts in this book that had me laughing on the floor. Gotta love some comedy in your romance story. I was rooting for the main character (Bob) throughout the story who fell hard for a beautiful woman (Sandy) with a “sexy Spanish voice.” This is Bob’s story, and while his exact circumstances are divinely unique to him, and may be semi-autobiographical, there are themes that I believe we all can relate to. I found myself at several points nodding my head in agreement, yes, I’ve been there, I’ve felt that which is what kept me reading. His journey is something we can all learn and grow from and make you believe in wonders It’s a very funny yet touching story that will leave you with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes.  -JaKayla

Five stars out of Five

When a friend from America encouraged me to read this book, I wanted to decline. “Is She The One” is a fictional romance written by a man who lives in Los Angeles and works as a real estate broker, I honestly didn’t think it would be very good. But the witty dialogue in the first few pages grabbed my attention and then the funny story turned into a romance that wouldn’t let me go until the last page. That being said, there were a few grammatical errors in the version I received so I would give “Is She The One” four stars out of five. Change those tiny errors and it’s a five out of five. Hands down. – Rebecca


Outstanding!   Adella

I am trained to look through the flaws when reading a story so I could see what a great story this will be once polished well. It has a great quality even with the small bit of flaws (mostly editing help that I could see). You don’t read many books written this way. Is She The One is a romance where the semi-autographical character Bob knows what he needs to do to get the girl. But will he do it? Usually characters either figure it out themselves or the girl tells them off and they understand what they have to do to figure it out, etc. This, however, was a nice twist. It’s very funny and yet touching. I kept rooting for him and the part with the dog actually made me cry a little. (So keep a tissue handy!) Finally, I would definitely recommend this book to my single friends. — Keira


More Books by Bob Boog

How to Find a Killer Real Estate Deal 

As Joan Rivers would say, “Can we talk?” People on TV make flipping homes sound so easy. Doesn’t it seem like someone hands them a steal-of-a-deal property, then they’ll use a few sledge hammers and a crew of workers to fix up a house in record time. Then there will be a problem. Should they put in a window in the bathroom or not? They decide to invest another $150 bucks in the window installation, the new home-buyers love it and then it’s off to the next week’s episode.

But WAIT! I scream from my living room couch. How did they find that killer deal in the first place? That’s what I want to know.

Because my experience with selling homes in Los Angeles is much different. For me, FINDING the deal in the first place is NOT that easy. People aren’t keen to just give their homes away.  We know people buy and flip homes all the time, but how do they do it?

That’s what this book/video course is about. I have been able to help a few investors maximize their profits. This is a $55 video course, not a book, but unlike Trump University there are NO upsells. I cannot guarantee you will find a killer real estate deal – only that your odds will improve.



Selling Outside the Square

This book is about how to sell things to people and how we fall to certain sales tricks. It has also been turned into a video course because the premise is that Millennials are taking over the market. And dealing with Millennial buyers is DIFFERENT! Buy this book to find out more about 12 psychological tricks.



Author Robert “Bob” Boog has also written several songs that can be found on iTunes or here on ReverbNation.

Click here for T-C-A (total class act)

Check out ALL the songs on Sticky available on iTunes

Note: A song on ReverbNation costs slightly more ($1.29) because .29 of each song is donated to a charity.

Bob’s album “Blindspot” includes an unusual love song called    “Wait for You” that was played on the radio in Sydney Australia. Want to discover how Bob Boog writes songs?

Robert Boog songs

Visit the Wait for You video on YouTube


Want to learn how to sell to Millenials?

Check out “Selling Outside the Square”


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The Real Estate Rookie Reviews

The Real Estate Rookie Reviews book cover

The Real Estate Rookie Reviews

Bob Boog’s latest book, The Real Estate Rookie is Available NOW!

For a physical copy of the book, click here

To listen to the book, click here

Free Download Friday March 31 – Sunday April 3rd.

What are people saying? Is it good or bad? lol

Here are some advanced reviews:

The Real Estate Rookie Review #1:

The Real Estate Rookie by Bob Boog is the often ridiculous, sometimes absurd and always hilarious account of Bob Boog’s journey from someone who would cringe at the very mention of real estate, to one who lived and breathed every moment of it. Boog is a talented writer with a wicked sense of humor and people who work in a specific niche will most likely fall in love with this book.

The Real Estate Rookie softcover edition is 116 pages

For a softcover copy of the book, click here

The Real Estate Rookie Review #2

A novel about a real estate agent selling houses is not something I would normally pick up, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I was presented with. The Real Estate Rookie is a fun read and the writer is very humorous. Mr Boog is good at creating a funny situation out of a mundane one. Characters are well-developed and none are left by the wayside. If you are looking for an easy going, guilt-free book to bring to the beach; one that won’t take too much time out of your day, the Real Estate Rookie is the sort of book to pick up.

the real estate rookie by bob boog book cover


The Real Estate Rookie Review #3

So, after reading the entire book, I must say that your writing is very, very good , and I’ve read a various range of books. Your story line flows without any adversities and that takes skill. I like the unique theme of the book itself.  It’s not too long or too short, I think it’s just the right size to make a short but worthwhile read. Great job.


The Real Estate Rookie Review #4

Bob Boog brought to the fore the profession of real-estate agent, from an interesting perspective, the action taking place apparently in 1981, in the writer’s youth. I enjoyed the manner in which the author combined the fiction with real facts! He transposed his professional and personal background into a story with shades of romance and a significant dose of humor and realism, making it purely entertaining! I warmly recommend The Real Estate Rookie.

Question: Will there be an audiobook?

Answer: Yes! The files are at the studio now, so it should be out shortly. Here is the cover.

real estate rookie reviews


Best Dog T-Shirt

Best Dog T-shirt.

After my dog Winston died, I wrote a poem that got turned into a song. And then it became a video. Some folks have even played this tune and liked it on YouTube. About this time, I also made a “Dogs Rule” t-shirt inspired by a tattoo that my son Kevin has on his chest. The t-shirt costs around $20 and if you are interested, here is the link for the Dogs Rule t-shirt.

dogs rule t-shirt

Back to my song.  Written for dog lovers, it’s called “Wait for You”.


Step Aside Coffee, t-shirt for women                        I don’t like to be difficult t-shirt

Best Dog Joke

My neighbor is a single and VERY attractive young lady. She lives across the street from me and I can actually see her house from my living room window. I watched as she got home from work this evening.  She was wearing black fishnets, heels and a mini-skirt with a white, low-top blouse.I was surprised when she made her way across the street and stepped up my driveway. She knocked on my door, so I rushed to open it. She looked at me with her lovely brown eyes, and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, and it’s kind of embarrassing. But I have a favor to ask.”

“Sure, anything” I said.

She smiled seductively. “I’ve had a cocktail at work, just got home, and I am so damn horny! I have this strong urge to have a good time, get drunk, and make love all night long! Are you busy tonight?” Stunned, I could barely get the words out. I immediately replied, “Tonight? Nope, I am COMPLETELY free… I have no plans at all!” Then she said, “Good! In that case, could you watch my dog?”

my dog Winston


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Review by Author Fred Lucas

Here is a review of My Real Estate Nightmare by author Fred Lucas.

Here’s the review.

My Real Estate Nightmare: based on a true story which means it happened more or less like this but with uglier people is a lot of fun, with only a little schooling on real estate along the way. It’s a genuine comedy that could be easily turned into a movie with a foreboding violent ex-con, a Swedish model, a crazy cat lady, a Harvard-educated lawyer being brought down a few pegs and a valued piano flying out of a moving truck and being crushed by an oncoming 18-wheeler to provide the action. Best of all, it’s true – or “mostly true” as the author says.

My Real Estate Nightmare by Bob Boog is about a real estate deal that goes haywire in unimaginable ways for the author and main character who was going out of his way to help a crazy cat lady. It’s somewhat inspiring to take some of the most bizarre episodes of our own lives that could be turned into a laugh-out loud comedy.

The writing style is witty and conversational from California realtor, Bob Boog. He uses a lot of parallel descriptions to describe the characters, one resembling Brad Pitt, another Will Farrell and a Jim Carrey reference to facial expressions. It also has some nice descriptions like, “dishes were stacked up and leaning in the sink like a ‘Cat in the Hat’ book.”

Throughout, I really wanted to know what happened next. The opening chapters were very lively. If I had to critique something, it might be that there seemed to be aspects that didn’t advance the story at hand. Perhaps out of a sense of obligation, so as not to sound like he was moping, the author digressed on what were true nightmares in the lives of some of his clients. Heart wrenching stories, but a little out of place – particular for a mostly sidesplitting book.

The book even has some element of spirituality. Though not a man of deep faith, the author portrays very positively Pastor Jim – who helps out with the problem and gives some comforting advice — and a “Holy Man from India” named Yogi (whom Boog gives a lift to the train station).

The author promises an anti-climatic ending – but then over delivers with a very gratifying conclusion.

All-in-all, My Real Estate Nightmare is a good narrative with good characters — one suspects might be slightly exaggerated for better story telling. But a highly recommend book, and something that would be a worthwhile movie. Read it and laugh!


Ever notice that people who want to share their religious views with YOU almost NEVER want you to share YOURS with them? Why is that?

In any case… here are 5 inspirational quotes to help you out – even if you are religious.

“Success isn’t something that you do on the outside, success is something that you are on the inside. The rest will follow.” ~Chuck Danes

“Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level.” ~Eileen Caddy

“For the prosperous, it’s not about getting more stuff. It’s about having the freedom to make almost any decision you want.” ~T. Harv Eker

“You enhance your chances for success when you understand that your yearning power is more important than your earning power.” ~Zig Ziglar

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~Thomas Edison

Know someone who could use a little extra inspiration and encouragement today? Send them over here!  And if you are NOT needing inspiration, here are some of MY own quotes.

“It’s just a matter of time before they add the word “Syndrome” after my last name.” – Bob Boog

“Behind every successful man is a woman… muttering and shaking her head in disbelief at something stupid he’s just done.” — Bob Boog

“Most people don’t realize this, but you can eat organic, all natural, gluten-free food without telling everyone around you.” — Bob Boog

Karate is a good skill to have just in case you’re ever attacked by a stack of boards.” Bob Boog

I’m not an asshole, but I do play one at Starbucks.” -Bob Boog

Emails from Fans

photo 3(1)

Not reviews, just wanted to share with you some of the emails that i get from my friends and fans.


Dear Bob,

My wife and I lost our dog Susy. Susy was more than just “a pet” and your song “Wait for You” really touched our hearts. My wife started to cry when she heard it. I just wanted you to know how much your song moved us both.


"wait for you" a song by Robert Boog


Dear Mr. Boog, I was the blond girl two people behind you in the express lane at Vons. When the checker said to you “Thank you for your donation”…that’s when I looked up. What I saw was the kindest looking man I have seen in a long time. You had an honest smile on your face and I couldn’t stop staring. As the checker said “Thank you Mr. Boog, is it Boog or Boog?” you said something, and she laughed and I watched you walk out of the store.

I just wanted you to know that you brought a smile to my face. You didn’t get mad at her. You made a joke and she laughed and there was a genuineness and honesty about you that I never see in LA. You just seemed so nice! And happy! That makes you very attractive. You had a total impact on me. Believe me, I needed it. Thank you!



Dear Bob,

My sister is a Facebook “fan” of yours, though i think “stalker” might be a better term. ha ha. She has sent me almost every single one of your posts and even when you reply to other people. We both love your funny posts. Keep writing. Keep up the good work!



Dear Mr. Boog,

I am living in Pakistan but



When people ask me about writing song lyrics it’s usually with a kind of twisted, questioning look. Like “why would you want to do that?”

Robert Boog songs

Check out songs written by Robert Boog on Spotify.

And if I answer with “You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but…” at this point, there’s nothing people can do but mentally congratulate me on my amazing clairvoyance!

Seriously.. the truth is, in 2013 I bought an internet cd where the author claimed if you listened to it for two weeks straight, you would find out your life’s purpose. So I downloaded it and listened to it for two weeks straight and guess what happened? Right. Nothing.

But i noticed that I was scribbling down words more than usual. A friend picked up something I wrote and declared, “I didn’t know you were a songwriter, too.” Me a songwriter? I didn’t know it either! But since he said so, I decided to send my words to a musician. And this musician said, “Yeah, I like this. I can do something on piano with it.” That’s how it started. Strange, but true.

Allow me to clarify things for everybody. I normally like to write because it mentally relaxes me. I go to a quiet room and use a timer in my writing process.

You can listen to some of the songs here

songs by Robert Boog

Again, the truth is, I don’t know why I write song lyrics.  I guess it keeps me out of trouble and spending my money on gambling, loose women and alcohol, right?

I created an entire album of songs called Elephant.  (available on iTunes)  Most of these songs are sung by an 18 year old girl from Malaysia, named Phydra, whose voice reminds me of a young Tracy Chapman… but there are other artists too. One song is a Xmas hip-hop song.

elephant songs by robert boog

Below are  the lyrics to a few of my songs.  Read the lyrics first, and then imagine how they might sound if sung.  Especially “Hashtag” because that one mixes rap-music with a country song!



Digital Photograph
By Robert Boog

Brought my nose to grandma’s coat
And she is there when I close my eyes.
My cell phone keeps her voice alive
I sometimes hear her say “good bye”.
A butterfly resting on my shoulder
(Often wish I still could hold her)
In her pictures every once in a while
My grandma shares her secret smile.
And I am..  hanging on to the past- yeah
Searching for something that will last- yeah, yeah, yeah
Longer than a digital photograph.                                                                      Warmer than this digital photograph

Hey there’s grandma wearing bobby sox!
(Like an unpretentious Goldilox)
A piece of her heart I saw today — when
my daughter hugged her young friend at play.
A butterfly resting on her shoulder
(Always glad that I can hold her.)
In her pictures every once in a while
My daughter shares her secret smile

And I am hanging on to the past- yeah
Searching for something that will last- yeah, yeah, yeah
Longer than a digital photograph.                                                                  warmer than this digital photograph.

When I was young I’d stay out late
Grandma’d say “You’re in my prayers”
And “try to go to church babe”
I’d laugh as I would head on down the stairs…

Tollhouse cookies and sunglasses
Baseball games and art classes
In my dreams every once in a while
She shares with me oh her secret smile

And I am, hanging on to the past- yeah
Looking for something that will last- yeah, yeah, yeah
Warmer than a digital photograph. Longer than this digital photograph

Brought my nose to grandma’s coat
And she is there when my eyes are closed.
The unconditional love of grandma.
A humble girl holding a book of psalms

——————————————–Now LISTEN to the song by clicking the link below!

Gift of Love

Robert Boog

Jump up –today’s my birthday

and I’m now six years old

I’m a little drunk on freedom-

-don’t always do as I am told.

Head out and my mom is smiling

and now I’m wondering!

There’s popcorn on the cherry trees

and a little bird stares at me.

He’s green with yellow feathers,

And likes to tickle my neck.

I feed him and I water him.

Best birthday present yet!

Gift of love…it’s a gift from above,

and as mommy watches me…

Tears slide from her smiling eyes and I begin to sing

Run out —cuz today’s my birthday…my sister envies me Put my birdy on her shoulder, and then she laughs out suddenly. Show off— today’s my birthday and everywhere I go. Little birdy guards my shoulder cuz he wants everyone to know

He’s a gift of love. A gift from above, and as my mommy watches me…Tears slide from her smiling eyes and I begin to sing He’s a gift of love – a gift from above, a gift of love – a gift from my mom

Wake up — today’s my birthday, and I’m twenty-six years old Buy coffee at the shopping mall and I shiver cuz I’m cold – oh oh                Sun’s out— cuz today is my birthday,  see a little boy and his mom.He smiles at me as he passes by and I watch them move along

He’s gotta green and yellow sweater -n- he laughs out of control  She holds his little hand in hers–they love each other so-oh         He’s a gift of love a gift from above, and as his mommy watches me  Tears slide from her smiling eyes and I begin to sing

He’s a gift of love – a gift from above A gift of love – a gift from above A gift of love – a gift from his mom A gift of love – it’s a gift of love.


Ruby Ring

by Robert Boog

When I was twelve I had a ruby ring.

I used to think it was such a precious thing.

But one summer day when driving to LA.

I took it off when I went to wash my hands.

Then three days later – I realized that it was gone.

I cried and I cried and I cried the whole night long.

Mom shook her head but, Dad was understanding.

He knew I missed that thing. My little ruby ring.

My little ruby ring. And sometimes when I look at you, I see your smiling eyes gazing back at me Waiting there you stand and inside I think. You’re so loving like I loved my ruby ring My little ruby ring.

Two weeks later, Dad drove five hundred miles.

I checked the bathrooms- even the floor tiles.

Dad finally said “Hon – I’m sorry it’s just gone.

Somebody’s found it –they might have even pawned it.”

And sometimes when I look at you, I see your smiling eyes gazing back at me. Waiting there you stand -inside I think. I love you more than, my little ruby ring…My little ruby ring.. My little ruby ring

You know how cute I think you are…You’re my soul mate –my rock star  And you love me more and more each day. (So I just want to share my thanks!)

On the way back – Dad stopped to buy some gas,

And fill the truck so –I thought I’d try my luck.

Inside the washroom – Red Sparkle caught my eyes,

Like it had waited for me –when others had passed by.

And sometimes when I look at you, I see your smiling eyes gazing back at me.Waiting there you stand and inside I think. You’re so loving like I found my ruby ring. My little ruby ring.. My little ruby ring.

I found true love like — my little ruby ring

You love me more than –I loved my little, ruby ring


CLICK HERE –>Hashtag true story

#TrueStory  by Robert Boog ( a country song with rap )

I saw a friend that I had wronged –More than ten years to this day,And she gave me a second look–When I called out her name.Then she flashed a smile towards me–As I quickly crossed the ,street–Her hands well they softly touched me  –She looked beautiful and sweet.

I’d kept her in my heart for oh so many years, And as I kissed her lips her eyes filled up with tears.–I’d forgotten what went wrong –we both had moved on                                                                                                       But I felt for certain, I was guilty for what I’d done.                             Hashtag, bad timing, Hashtag, she’s crying                                               Hashtag, I’m sorry,            Hashtag, a true story

The corners of her mouth turned wide– As I watched her shut her eyes– When we kissed I felt her shiver–Little voice inside me whispered. She said it’s so good to see you–But I’m married, thought you knew. Then she turned, jumped into a cab and she vanished from my view.

I’d kept her in my heart for oh so many years And as I kissed her lips, her eyes filled up with tears. I’d forgotten what went wrong — we both had moved on. But I felt for certain I was guilty for what I’d done. Hashtag, bad timing, Hashtag, she’s crying                              Hashtag, I’m sorry,            Hashtag, a true story

[Rap start]

You find someone cool who will make you feel alive                   With ebony eyes so ya call her “home-slice”.                                                                 Hot-cooked meals that are spiced with love                                                She’ll be everything that you’re dreaming of.                                  But the saddest truth that you’ll ever find..                                                 She may not be The One that ya spend your whole life.                                     Cuz time’s like a circle at the end of a glass                                Sipping on memories – what ya did in the past                                             But deep inside she can start a fire.. that can never die.                                          I write this from the heart.. cuz I got nothing to hide.                        No, I got nothing to hide.

[Rap end]

Hashtag, bad timing, Hashtag, she’s crying

Hashtag, I’m sorry,            Hashtag, a true story

Hashtag, thinking bout you.

Hashtag, sometimes you lose.

Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag…     I’m still in love… with you.


Words by Robert Boog Music by Robert Boog,


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My Real Estate Nightmare Reviews

On this page find the good, the bad and the ugly reviews of Bob Boog’s book, My Real Estate Nightmare. Bob claims that he is going to write 3 funny books. This is the first book of the series. My Real Estate Nightmare is approx 146 pages long.

My Real Estate Nightmare book cover


A Reviewer from England writes:

My Real Estate Nightmare is not usually a book I would normally pick up to read but it was recommended to me by a friend and I thought I’d give it a go.  I actually started reading this on my Lunch break at work and before I knew it the break was over and hadn’t looked up at the clock in almost an hour! I love novels like that where you can lose yourself and just focus on the story.

I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens but if you’re looking for a light read which is easy to pick up in-between everyday life then this is the novel for you, It’ll have you laughing and cringing and very thankful that you’re job isn’t as complicated or as involved our poor real estate agent (Bob) who goes above and beyond the call of duty only to face trials he never saw coming. Informative, funny and well-written.

My Real Estate Nightmare Review #1:

Click to read itren review 02

My Real Estate Nightmare Review #2:

Click to read itren review 03

My Real Estate Nightmare Review #3:

Click to read itren review 04

My Real Estate Nightmare Review #4:

Click to read itren review 05

My Real Estate Nightmare Review #5:

Click to read it. (My fave!)ren review01

Here is a Brief Snippet of the Prologue to the Book.

I’m not really a doctor, but I play one at Starbucks. My name is Bob Boog and I am the author of this book and a real estate broker and owner of a small company called Bob Boog Realty.

If you are wondering, I pronounce my last name like “Boogie-man” and not with a long O sound like a “bow” although a friend from Europe told me that “boog” means “bow” or “arch” in Dutch.

My realty company is located in Santa Clarita, CA and for those of you unfamiliar with Southern California, Santa Clarita lies about 33 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, or 35 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, and about 100 miles away from the mountains where in the winter there is skiing or snowboarding.

There is a popular 262 acre theme park called Six Flags Magic Mountain planted four miles away from Santa Clarita, so a lot of people know where that is.

People in real estate will often use minutes instead of miles to help sell our location which I think borders on being a little deceptive. We will tell a house hunter, for example, “Santa Clarita lies only 34 minutes from the beach without traffic,” or “Santa Clarita is just 30 minutes north of downtown LA, without traffic.”

This sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

But who is kidding who?

Because in Los Angeles, there is almost ALWAYS traffic. A person could drive to LAX (Los Angeles International airport) at 2:00 in the morning on a Sunday and STILL probably hit traffic. Thank goodness for those wide, paved road shoulders that important people like me are entitled to use during traffic jams.

Actually, I am not that important because I am a middle child.