Buy the Real Estate Rookie to Give Away!

Why real estate agents should buy The Real Estate Rookie and give it away!

By Bob Boog


The Real Estate Rookie is a work of fiction which means the things described in it didn’t actually happen. So why should a real estate salesperson read this book? It’s not like it will serve as some kind of a brilliant training guide. There are no clear or stated benefits to reading it. So why should an agent purchase a softcover version of this book?

Answer: to give it away to a client.

You are probably thinking, yeah, sure buddy. It will obviously mean more book sales for YOU, the author of the book but how do I benefit? What’s in it for ME?

Short answer boring: because psychological research done in the last 15 years shows that optimal persuasion is a practice of getting people to agree to a message before they even know what it is.

The great social psychologist, Robert Cialdini, one of the world’s foremost experts on persuasion, claims the most important drivers of persuasion aren’t necessarily the words we choose in the moment, but how we set the stage beforehand. Therefore, the people who are great at persuading are also creative preparers who focus on finding the best ways to launch their offers and ideas.

One of my favorite TV commercials, for example, was one done for the Apple iPhone back in 2013. It was about the Harris family over the holidays, and they are visiting their grandparents.

The 14 year old boy appears to be aloof (as many teenagers are) and seems far more interested in his iPhone than anything else. He always seems to be staring into it, so family members throw socks or stocking caps at him to get his attention. The boy doesn’t mind. He is doing his own thing.

Until the end of the commercial, when it’s revealed that he has been secretly taping his family over the holidays and making a family video out of it to present to his parents on Christmas.

The commercial fades out with the family being in shock over the video and what a great present it was. It even shows grandma with tears of joy running down her face as she hugs her grandson. Emotionally it’s a very powerful commercial. Click here to watch it:!

Now through the eyes of Apple (or at least their marketing department) this iPhone is more than just a cell phone. They want you to see it as an important device that brings joy and love to a family. And it certainly gets the chemistry in your brain flowing with all the endorphins and other chemicals released to produce that feeling of happiness. And that’s exactly the association that they want you to have. Look at the iPhone and consider the love of your family. Isn’t that love important?

When you see that commercial enough, doesn’t your iPhone become a more meaningful device to communicate love?

Similarly, the story of The Real Estate Rookie brings a smile to people who read it. They laugh and feel good. The story taps into universal emotions that a majority of people reading can relate to. The main belief is clients (like the reader) are more than just numbers – they should be treated as friends by realtors. Giving a free book to someone is a way of treating them like a friend, isn’t it?

The Real Estate Rookie book cover

The love and support of peers and friends, the care of your clients, the concern you have for others, etc. These are all universal in their appeal and so instead of just being one of many real estate agents, when you give the book about real estate, and listing homes to a homeowner, you will stand out.

The story talks about how valuing others is more important than just making sales. That message is important to you, of course:).

Will people who receive a copy be more likely to be empathetic to real estate practitioners who treat them as friends? Possibly

Will people who receive a free copy be more committed to using the real estate professional (you) who gave them the book when it comes time to sell? Why wouldn’t they? And could it help to strengthen this bond by writing a brief note in the book, *Was thinking of you when I read this book* or stapling your business card in it?

Click this link to buy the softcover version of the book so you can buy it if you have not read it.

Each and every day, there are salespeople, marketers, advertisers and politicians who try to persuade us to do something, buy something cheaper or think a certain way, isn’t that true?

Many of them know exactly what psychological strings to pull. The idea behind the Apple commercial is simple: tug at the heartstrings of viewers before they purchase an iPhone because it’s more than just a phone.

My idea is similar: give a book away about a sincere real estate agent to a homeowner BEFORE he is ready to sell and that homeowner may just become more pre-disposed to list his or her home with that licensed agent who gave them the funny book.

Not because of any special knowledge found in the book, but simply because their preliminary attention has been brought to do so.

The lesson learned from Dr. Cialdini is simple: for maximum impact, it matters what you do, way before you do it.

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