About Bob Boog

About Bob Boog (feel free to skip this part)

Who am I? For those who don’t know me, my name is Bob Boog and I am a real estate broker and owner of Bob Boog Realty in Santa Clarita, California which lies 33 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. My wife claims I have a bad writing habit. Writing is a fun hobby and something that keeps me mostly out of trouble.

I say “mostly” because I was born in St.Paul, Minnesota and moved to California when I was 8 years old. My family moved a couple of times and I was 9 years old and at a brand new school when I got into big trouble. It happened on the second day of school. Apparently, I had written a story “that no fourth grader could possibly have written.” True thing. My fourth grade teacher called me into the principal’s office for a meeting with her, the principal and my mother. I was supposed to confess to stealing the story which I refused to do. When I wrote another even-better story alone in the classroom watched by my 4th grade teacher during recess, the principal was so impressed, she had me attend English class in a sixth-grade classroom. She also encouraged me privately, without my teacher around, to keep writing. She told me she liked the way I told a story and claimed that some day I would write a book. I thought that was pretty cool.

Then in high school, I had an English teacher named Ms Prenn who was considered one of the strictest teachers. Ms. Prenn would assign a weekly list of ten vocabulary words and students were supposed to write sentences using the vocabulary words.

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Instead of writing boring sentences, I tried to make them humorous. I wanted to make this strict teacher laugh. So instead of numbered sentences with vocabulary words, I wrote letters from prison. A letter from Gilligan stranded on a deserted island. My time travel adventure. My obituary. Stupid stuff like that. To my surprise, Miss Prenn loved my stories and wrote encouraging remarks on my papers like she couldn’t wait to read the next one, etc. These were not masterpieces by any means, but one day after class, she told me the same thing as my 4th grade principal had said, “Bob, you have a way of spinning a story. One day, you are going to write a book.”

Flash forward to UCLA: At an English class I took, I won first (and third) prize in a poetry contest. That professor told me, “One day I hope to be reading your books.” At another English class, the professor had me come to her office after class was over. “What are you doing here?” she asked me. I was nervous because on the paper I had turned in, I had written “The original word in Latin for Monday was, thisshitagain?” Now I was being questioned about it. “I think you should be living on the beach in Mexico writing a novel.”

Crazy talk, right?  The truth is, I didn’t really believe any of them. I didn’t think I was good enough or what I wrote was anything out of the ordinary. So I didn’t follow up. You would think that I might have – but I didn’t.

Things changed only after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I was at a Mike Ferry real estate seminar the following year, and Mike had people raise their hands if they had sold twenty homes the previous year. I, along with several agents raised my arm. Thirty homes? Forty-four homes? My hand was still raised – and I was the only one with his hand raised. Mike approached me and I put down my arm. He said, “What’s your name?” “Bob” I answered. “Bob, you sold 44 homes last year?” “Yes, sir,” I responded. “Did you know there was an agent in Detroit who sold over 400 homes last year?”  “No,” I said. Mike had made his point. 44 homes compared to 400 homes? That was nothing, right? But at the break, several salespeople approached me left and right wanting to know my secret, “How did you sell so many homes?” they wanted to know. “But I only sold 44,” I said. “Yes, but you sold 44 homes after an earthquake. That other guy didn’t. We want to know your secrets.” So I sat down and wrote a book called “Selling Homes 1-2-3” explaining how I did it. The book sold quite well and since that time, I’ve tried to write a book every 3 years.