Three Funny Books by Bob Boog

Robert Boog

I don’t know about you, but I swear, my sister would give you 11 dollars for a dog turd if you told her it normally costs $15.

Know what I mean? She loves bargains!

Normally, the kindle-version of my new book, “Is She The One” costs a whopping $2.99 –  less than a grande mocha at Starbucks- but today it is FREE! Click this link –> http://mybook.to/Is-She-The-One

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Now, some folks prefer to read something that helps them make money. If so, perhaps some of these books might be of interest.

CLICK HERE: How to Find a Real Estate Bargain

click here: Selling Outside the Square: or how to Sell to Millennials

These are two great books but they are not free and everybody LOVES free stuff, right?

How about FREE information about how I write songs?

Getting a book for free will almost GUARANTEE that you will have a more pleasant reading experience! (This discount is NOT for the print edition, only the Kindle version and again, time is limited).

Again, if you prefer to read it in SPANISH, practically for FREE?


What have other people said about IS SHE THE ONE? Check out the reviews here!


Note: the discount is ONLY GOOD DEC 16 – 17.

If the free giveaway is NOT available, sorry but you can also ensure a pleasurable reading experience by purchasing the book and reading it along with a glass of COLD WATER — perhaps mixed with barley, hops, and yeast?  😉

Or maybe with a glass of wine?

I like a healthy glass for my health and the rest of the bottle … because I just like to lie down on my side.   😉

Here is a song I wrote to help promote the book.  You can scroll down to find more songs

Funny Books by Bob Boog

Here is a list of three funny books I’ve written. Click the link in blue to find out more about them. Is She the One? A partly-true romantic comedy

 CLICK HERE to Download Chapter 1 for FREE!

The Real Estate Rookie: A fun, sometimes absurd, uplifting story for anyone who owns, sells, buys, rents, builds or who has even driven by real estate

My Real Estate Nightmare: Based on a true story which means that things happened more or less like this, but with uglier people. Here are more books I’ve written – serious ones with just a touch of humor thrown in.

Selling Outside the Square  or how to sell to the millennials in your life

Finding Killer Real Estate Deals  or sometimes you have to partner with a seller to make a buck

Real Estate Sales from Hell  true stories that happened to other people so it’s much less painful reading about them

Selling Homes 1-2-3 Some of my books are available as an audiobook on Audible.com

Reviews for My Books

Yes, I know, you are a busy, important person and have better shit stuff you can freely do, so what YOU really want to know is what do people who have actually read my books think about them? Here are some good, bad and ugly reviews:  . scv so_mature “I’m not really a doctor, but I play one at Starbucks.” C’mon, don’t tell me YOU have never given a funny name at Starbucks!

Songs by Bob Boog

I have written several songs that you can listen to for free. To me, LIFE is about doing something remarkable and songs are just another way to tell a story.

They can be found on ReverbNation. Interested in Songs written by Bob Boog? Here is Bob’s latest song.

https://youtu.be/TwShZbWBCPo   Selling Outside the Squarebob boog realty logo My Real Estate Nightmare is a funnybook promo 01author Bob Boog Audio book clink click here